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Cart [#mufuwogega-1#] | 2018-12-15 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

P#60017 2018-12-15 23:49

Cart [#mb_ohgj2018-1#] | 2018-12-14 | No License | Embed

This is a work in progress of a remake of a PICO-8 game I made for the 2018 Zero-Hour Game Jam.

P#59986 2018-12-14 00:43 ( Edited 2018-12-14 07:22)

Somehow, box causes extreme lag. To reproduce, just add this code:

box(0, 0, 0, 127, 127, 63, 7)

I don't want to kill people's browsers, but here's a cart. Play at your own risk.

Cart [#laggybox-1#] | 2018-12-13 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

Edit: Updated with some stuff that better demonstrates how big the lag spike is. Press z to lag. Sorry for these frequent edits.

P#59976 2018-12-13 21:38 ( Edited 2018-12-13 21:47)

Cart [#bifajitedu-1#] | 2018-12-13 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

Trying to figure out why the player looks so jittery. I'm having the camera follow the player, and the ground below looks fine as the player moves, but the player itself is super jittery. In the embedded player here it looks fine, but while running in the designer, it's super jittery.

P#59971 2018-12-13 20:20

Cart [#mb_tweetcart01-0#] | 2018-12-13 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

My first Voxatron tweetcart! Enjoy!

P#59949 2018-12-13 02:19

Dear Zep,
Since you have last updated BBC, We have experienced trouble with uploading new cartridges.
Whenever we are trying to upload new Cartridge it tells us "Not a valid cart. Please try again."...
Please advice.
Many thx

P#59843 2018-12-09 00:47 ( Edited 2018-12-09 01:06)
P#59782 2018-12-06 22:19 ( Edited 2018-12-06 22:23)


I'm starting my first game, a simple exploration game with some basic NPC dialogue, and lock and key puzzles. I've spent a couple of hours in the editor, and I'm comfortable with modelling and simple animation now, but I can't figure out how scripting works, so I'm struggling to get an idea of what you can or can't tweak.

For now I'm happy making levels, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could just let know if the following things are possible, so I can uh, adjust my vision accordingly...

  • Disabling weapons, or editing the starting weapon into some kind of short range "interact with" function
  • Converting the HUD into a dialogue box for that "interact with" function
  • Having a "lost" NPC follow you after initiating dialogue (hitting them or bumping into them)

That's it really. I know the implementation of this stuff might change for the easier any day now with 3.5 being just around the corner, but I'd like to make this as part of a Christmas present, so I can't really put it off any longer. So, yeah, any advice would be gratefully received!


P#59736 2018-12-06 02:48

How do i download voxatron designer? I don't how.

P#59071 2018-11-16 12:13 ( Edited 2018-11-16 23:05)

I just wrote a wall of text full of questions but then I found the answers in this forum, devlog, devmap, twitter etc, and decided to erase the whole post! Now I am hyped for 0.4 and have only one question: will the renderer be completely detached from the engine? I'm sure it is already under the hood, but, detached as in can I write my own renderer? Could I output voxatron to an LED grid? or to a shader running inside Unity? or export all visual data to morse code? or feed voxatron visual data through a neural network designed to identify birds in pictures?

I need Voxatron in VR (I already made a post about that) and custom renderers is the way to go it seems. Volumetric displays are great but I won't have one in the foreseeable future.

P#54958 2018-08-11 13:25 ( Edited 2018-08-11 17:25)

P#54499 2018-07-28 19:28 ( Edited 2018-07-28 23:28)

P#54497 2018-07-28 19:23 ( Edited 2018-07-28 23:23)

Cart [#54475#] | 2018-07-27 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

P#54476 2018-07-27 15:18 ( Edited 2018-07-27 19:18)

P#54474 2018-07-27 15:13 ( Edited 2018-07-27 19:13)

P#54457 2018-07-26 15:10 ( Edited 2018-07-26 19:10)

P#54455 2018-07-26 15:09 ( Edited 2018-07-26 19:09)

P#54452 2018-07-26 14:52 ( Edited 2018-07-26 18:52)

Your player can't die but your computer can ha ha ha...
ha ha... ha
ha ... ha ha

evil laughter

P#54315 2018-07-20 14:29 ( Edited 2018-07-23 16:52)

Snail Adventure

Press 'Z' to Jump, Arrow keys to slime around. If you die press 'Z' to continue. 'O' and 'P' move the camera up and down if you get bored.

P#54013 2018-07-08 20:52 ( Edited 2018-07-11 19:06)

P#53979 2018-07-06 18:33 ( Edited 2018-07-06 22:33)
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