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I tweeted at Zep some weirdness about the new block comment feature (CTRL+B) not working properly for the first line of a given tab.

This was fixed, but in testing it, I discovered this other weird behavior with CTRL+B. The cursor seems to move every time you hit the key combination, but will continue modifying the same line. It's not a super important detail, and ultimately doesn't really matter; who the hell is going to spam comment/un-comment for single lines?

Me, I guess. I am.

EDIT: Additional details: This only happens on lines that are not already commented, and only if there is no initial text highlight before CTRL+B is pressed.

EDIT2: It also happens on commented lines with many additional leading '-'s, mashing CTRL+B will remove leading dashes a pair at a time, while also advancing the cursor like in the above gif.

EDIT3: I just keep finding new interesting things! In this image I have pasted a large amount of HTML code from another project I'm working on right now. By pressing CTRL+B a couple (2) times at the bottom of the file, it jumps me back up to the top of the tab.

And in this gif I have chosen to CTRL+B a few times at the end of a random line, which results in this behavior:

EDIT4: Related to EDIT3:
In this gif the buttons pressed are:

  1. CTRL+B
  2. Left Arrow
  3. Up Arrow
  4. Down Arrow

I include this one to help display this other issue of jumping to the top of the page. Notice that the cursor disappears before I press Left Arrow (at which point the jump to the top of the page happens).

P#63588 2019-04-16 21:55 ( Edited 2019-04-16 22:23)

Oh! I did update to 0.1.12c, so this is from the latest release.

P#63589 2019-04-16 21:56

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