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Could it be created so we could produce standalone .exe versions of our games? Basically it would be just regular standalone Pico8, but without devtools (splore, etc. would stay tho). The thing is that webplayer has its limitations compared to standalone and in some cases the webplayer version of cart is unplayable while standalone is working fine.

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I assume you're avoiding necro [1] [2]

So this is an interesting point that's been hit up multiple times.

While having a web release is really nice, it makes it awkward for some games who are web based to release to clients like steam. (See game dev studio - they had to wrap the html5/js in a chromium wrapper).

While using chromium wrappers is feasible, compared to the game size itself, it's a huge file. Being able to distribute games on the correct is really important for:

  • Steam
  • The itch app (https://itch.io/app)
  • Package managers (apt, aur, etc)
  • Folks who want a standalone experience (for sales purposes mostly)
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