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Laser Blast! 3: Fury of the Wizard is a 2d 8-bit rail shooter in the style of Space Harrier. Enemies will periodically fly towards you. Shoot them down while avoiding their attacks. When the sun sets, defeat the level boss to win the game.


  • Directional keys: Move around
  • Z key (X button if playing on mobile): Shoot

You are Atom Girl, an advanced robot capable of star flight. After narrowly escaping Garlock-7, you travel to a nearby planet with an unusual energy signature. This planet, Jubai-12, is overflowing with magic. While you explore the surface, magicfolk suddenly launch an ambush against you!

Made in 10 days for DreamHack Summer Jam 2019.


  • You only have 4 health before dying
  • Your shots are created on your center of mass
  • Shots can take a little time to hit faraway enemies
  • Your hit box is small: just the midsection of the body
  • The perspective will change when moving towards the top or bottom of the screen. Keep this in mind when dodging shots.
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