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Hi !

I'm working on a game project since several months.

The player moves in a dungeon in top view, like a 2D zelda, generated randomly.
He must find a treasure randomly placed while avoiding the boss who will chase him from the moment the player is too close to the room where the treasure is.

Currently, I find myself a little blocked by the limitations in the code. Also I would like to separate the game into two cards. A first will take care of generating the dungeon, the location of the rooms, etc.
And the second for the gameplay.
Basically, to use the gameloop model, a cartridge will be used for the _init () function, say "init_dungeon.p8".

But the question is: is it possible?

Knowing that my game elements (dungeon, player, boss, treasure, etc.) are tables integrating functions, is it possible to transfer this from one cartridge to another?

I'm thinking of the cstore function for example:

cstore (0x4300, 0x4300, 0x1aff, "game_dungeon.p8")

I think I dream a little, but if someone could confirm or deny me some stuff that would be nice ^^

Thanks !

P#63573 2019-04-16 12:21

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