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DIG↑ WAR, the intense two-player action game oriented around defeating your opponent!

How to play:

Each player plays as a farmer, which either has a red (P1) or blue (P2) hat.

Players control their farmers by using the arrow keys/ESDF for movement, Z/tab to jump, and Q/X to throw or "dig up" plants.

The goal of the game is to kill your opponent. Each player starts with 3 health, and all plants deal 1 damage. Plants are gathered by digging up sprouts with X/Q, and are thrown with the same input. Health can be increased by gathering extra fruits; every three that players gather beyond the first three will increase their health by one (health boost progress is shown by the hearts displayed below the player). The lava at the bottom will rise every 20 seconds as well, increasing intensity the longer matches last.

Although most plants do the same thing, there are two with alternate behaviors:

Melons- bounce across the ground

Banannas- function as boomerangs which go across the screen

Made in PICO-8 by @GunTurtle:


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