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Hey All

I've been doing some spring cleaning, and updated all of the older Lexaloffle games: Neko Puzzle (which is now free), Swarm Racer, Chocolate Castle, Zen Puzzle Garden, Swarm Racer and Swarm Racer 3000. If you had any trouble running these games on newer versions of OSX or 64-bit Linux, these versions should work out of the box.

SR3K also has some new wall rendering and analogue joystick support. I've been chipping away at it very sporadically but it's on slow burn until after Voxatron is finished. An 8-track preview is available to any Lexaloffle customers.

You can find downloads on the game pages, or your updates page / Humble Library page.

User-made ZPG and Chocolate Castle puzzles are also back up with new HTML5 players. You can post puzzles by saving them to clipboard and then pasting the puzzle text into a BBS post.

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Hey zep, I'm not able to get any of the SDL2 games to work on my computer. I'm running Windows XP and exceed the minimum system requirements, and every time I attempt to open one of the games, it closes immediately with no error messages.

I'd be more than happy to just download and play the old SDL1 versions of the games, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

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