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by dw817
Cart [#mt-0#] | Code | 2019-10-05 | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA | Embed

Here's something I've been working on for a-while. When I first saw Pico-8 and its limitation of 16-colors, I still knew somehow this could be done. And of course my first experiments always ran out of memory.

Why ? Well I was trying to encode a table of 256x256x256 colors. So I started to scale it down, from 256-animation frames to 16 or less - and it still took 4096-chars for a lookup table. But then it worked !

You have 6 modes to choose from:

-- 0=fade boy to circles
-- 1=fade boy to black
-- 2=fade boy to white
-- 3=fade boy wizard to girl (default)
-- 4=fade from black to girl
-- 5=fade from white to girl

Currently it's #3. If you want to look at the code and change the mode to test type:

load #mt-0

You coding demons out there might be able to get more speed out of this. Right now this is the upper limit of my coding ability.

P#68523 2019-10-05 16:34 ( Edited 2019-10-05 22:19)

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