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I've just made a thing. It's a little utility to add "progressive web app" type features to PICO-8 html exports.

That gives you the benefits of a web delivered app that can be "installed" on your device and should even work offline. The tool gently tweaks the exported html, then adds a service worker (for caching); a manifest and icons for presentation. Google's Lighthouse audit tool seems reasonably happy with the result and my brief testing seems to show that it works.

The project lives on GitHub.

Your game, on your homescreen, available anywhere.

It's only the beginning, and very much a work in progress.

Have fun, let me know if you have any issues.

I love what you can do with PICO-8.



P#72181 2020-01-22 22:03 ( Edited 2020-01-22 22:05)

My kids have been working through Chocolate Castle and I just upgraded to MacOS Catalina 10.15.2.

Is there any plan to publish a 64 bit version of Chocolate Castle and/or Zen Puzzle Garden that can run natively on Catalina?

Chocolate Castle especially is timeless.

P#72141 2020-01-20 23:23

To whoever is seeing this, can you please tell me if I can change my account username? Thanks

P#72122 2020-01-20 03:00

Cart #pupafowani-1 | 2020-01-07 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#71820 2020-01-07 17:47

Hey, i'm new to pico 8, been really enjoying making games in it. I was wondering does anyone know if it is at all possible to release and sell pico 8 games on steam? even if through the usual methods such as steam labs. If not if anyone has any further knowledge around this subject it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

P#71551 2019-12-30 20:46

I would just like to know because I feel like there is some beef between the two fantasy platforms.

P#71355 2019-12-23 22:30


Cart #sorukoyabe-0 | 2019-12-22 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

I've got a dumb question I can't seem to work out involving vector graphics.

In the cart above I have a table of points that form an object (square). When I try to rotate the object around it's center I get unintended behavior - sometimes shrinking, usually garbage.

It's got to be my math, but I'm missing why it's not working despite having tried several different versions of my "rotation" formula. I've searched the web several times for a straight forward pico-8 implementation of this, but didn't find much. Can someone point out what I've got wrong, please?

Also, if there is a cleaner way to draw shapes from a table like this, let me know. The shapes would be polygons not just rects.

Thank you in advance

P#71326 2019-12-22 21:42

Cart #pikuhsata-0 | 2019-12-21 | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#71270 2019-12-21 01:27

so this is the only thing i know to make

P#71250 2019-12-20 02:31

Cart #odyssey-0 | 2019-12-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

To whoever finds this note,

You are probably searching for the Golden Chalice, but I need to warn you. The Labyrinth is not like any place you have ever visited or will visit. It defies all logic and reasoning. There are walls that you are able to phase right through. I discovered this phenomenon and am now trapped because I cannot find the exit. Please make sure you figure out how to find fake walls, they are the only thing blocking you from finding the Golden Chalice.

Please do what I could not.


Jones Praw the Adventurer

P#71168 2019-12-18 01:29

Cart #snowglobe-0 | 2019-12-18 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

Works almost like the real thing! Seriously, wait for it. It is kinda neat.


Fixed the snow code ala @Albertbz update but I didnt use the final fix instead I opted for the first fix as this looks more like snowglobe snow. Then I found some code by @Krystman for shaking the camera. I also put some effort into making a decent text display and added controls for everything. Last I made some slight changes to how variables get their values and some of the sfx in the music. I think I might take this one step further, but I got sick last night and my head is kinda spinning so coding is taking longer than usual. Also have a low grade fever and severe nausea... Flu season sucks!!! Cover your mouth when you cough!!!

Still clueless on pattern fills and palt and so on... I need to get a better grasp of this and then maybe i can add some bg art to this... Otherwise I have a few other things id like to add after seeing the kitty window version of snow falling cart by @Yesyoor ...

But first there is more learning to do... sigh. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Just don't know where to look or what to do... Overwhelmed by the endless options... Oh well, I just keep chizeling away.

Cart #numopijupo-0 | 2019-12-17 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | No License

Ok. Here is what I've got so far. I was originally trying to do this as a doodle using only pset but that was giving me a headache... So I went in a different direction. Not finished. No... Still much more to learn and do, but here is something to mark my progress... I hope u enjoi it. I wanted to do more with backgrounds, text, snow fx, but sadly I am only a week into this platform and language... So i am sort of clueless until I get more familiar with everything. Perhaps I can update this cart in the future...

P#71077 2019-12-17 00:58 ( Edited 2019-12-18 20:46)

In Pico-8 there is 128x64 map of memory for making sprites and map. Right? Then why am I seeing the lower 128x32 filling up with pieces of sprites? Is the lower half reserved for something else, like game time render or something? I want to use that space but it looks like its already in use.

I remember hearing something about the lower 32 being reserved, is this the case and what for?
Anyone who cares to shed some light on this?

P#71055 2019-12-16 10:32

hello all, so i picked up my old PC with pico 8 on it and i started my old wolf 3d top down test again. i would like to know how i can make a collision script where trying to walk into a certain sprite will block you from moving in the direction of that sprite, so a type of "if you walked into a wall going right you are blocked from moving right" kind of collision. can anyone help me with this? i have linked a game file of the test, it would be nice if you could send the game file with a rough collision draft so i can get an idea of what to do. thanks!

P#71036 2019-12-15 15:51

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P#70767 2019-12-09 15:50

I rushed home to post this on time before passing to the next day and therefore skipping my daily post. Yesterday I was reading through this awesome Pico-8 guide:https://mboffin.itch.io/gamedev-with-pico-8-issue1

Managed to draw my first sprite and coding my first engine which was one very simple and all I could do was to move the sprite with the arrow keys around the screen. I learned about the Pico-8 console and how to switch between the terminal and the editing mode and getting familiar with the different tools it provides.

Very straight forward learning experience so far, Lua feels very familiar and very easy to comprehend if you're familiar with any other programming language.

Time to learn more about Pico-8, later guys.

P#70753 2019-12-09 05:53 ( Edited 2019-12-09 05:54)

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P#70698 2019-12-08 14:58

This is my first day here, I got Pico-8 from a humble bundle and been thinking about getting into it for a while, I set up everything to start with it a couple of days ago and TODAY I will start reading some tutorials because I know nothing about how to code in Lua but I'm always up for a challenge.

So let's see how far I can reach this day.

P#70673 2019-12-07 23:24

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P#70656 2019-12-07 09:50


I´m new to pico 8 and I do my first steps in moving an sprite through an dungeon.

that works well, but i the sprite moves on and on while keeping the button pressed

I want to stop after moving one tile in the pressed direction

so for moving on and on you have to press the button over and over again

How can I do this?

I tried it whith

until btn()==true

but it doesnt work

Thanks for help!!

P#70361 2019-11-29 11:17

Almost beta baby

Cart #hupakawpe-0 | 2019-11-28 | Code ▽ | Embed ▽ | License: CC4-BY-NC-SA

P#70326 2019-11-28 17:23
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