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I'm making my own portable console based on Raspberry Pi Zero W and Pico-8 because ... everyone is doing it ... but also as a learning project.

I'm using PicoPI as OS because it's much lighter and faster than running on RetroPI. I tested the OS on Raspberry Pi Zero W and it ran fine. My next step is to run the project on a display. And this is where I have a doubt:

I was wondering how can I configure a 128x160 STI TFT LCD Display (this guy https://www.filipeflop.com/produto/display-lcd-tft-1-8-128x160/#tab-description) on the PicoPI's configuration.

I've looked everywhere, but informations about PicoPI is very scarce. Can someone help me?

ps.: Sorry my bad english.

P#62286 2019-02-26 21:25

Well, I think that the problem is that Pico8 doesn't seem to work on Pi screens. I got a small screen similar to that, but Pico8 wouldn't show up. You may need something more like a mini HDMI or VGA monitor, as Pico8 only seems to work on the normal video outputs.

P#62289 2019-02-27 00:18

Uhn. This can be a big problem for my project.

The smallest HDMI display I've found is 3.5 inches (here, in Brazil), which is actually huge for the design.

Another problem I have seen is that these displays need a drive installed to work. This forces me to install the raspbian or the retropi ... and I do not want that.

Well, I'll do some research. I'll post more updates soon.

Thank you.

P#62299 2019-02-27 14:47

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